When to update/review your Will

Keeping your Will current is just as important as making one in the first place. It helps you look after your family and friends and ensures that your final wishes are carried out the way you want.

Generally you should review your Will every time a 'life-event' happens.

For example when:

you marry
you have a child or grandchild
there is a death in your family
there is a change in your financial circumstances
there are major changes in the types or rates of taxation
you are going to live abroad
you are moving to shared accommodation
you separate or divorce from your spouse or partner

Updating your Will is a simple task, just contact The Willwriting Service (Reading) to make any changes.
If it is just one or two items that need to be altered/added or even deleted then we can produce a Codicil (an addition to your current Will).
If the changes you need to make are more substantial then we usually advise a new Will
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